Humanity’s Doom

The question of any potential connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima should be one that humanity has to answer. Well, after perusing for days on the niche of the topic from the corner of my room, I have this to say. Every Tom, dick and harry will agree that technovations are like dummies; it depends on how you use them. If they are used solely with the consideration of their negative influences, we might be conscious of the way we utilize them hence, they can serve humanity with great benefits.  However, if we use them trying to show our level of competence with our P-sized brain, we will have to bear the brunt. A typical example of an innovation that has proven it’s worth to human destruction is Nuclear Power.

Nuclear power as discovered by Enrico Fermi is the use of nuclear energy to stir steam turbines to produce electricity. As at 2011, nuclear energy supplied 10% of the world electricity. As at April 2019, there are 449 civilian fusion reactors, 58 under construction, 54 reactors planned. Great! Isn’t it? The verdict was delivered when research showed that the dangers involved in the slight malfunction of any single reactor could wipe off a whole state in a wink. Is it the loss of lives and properties? Not to mention the displacement of people from their homes, should I also enlist the death of aquatic lives? Or the extinction of valuable species of animals from mother earth? Well, a good number of critics succumb that if the reactors are under proper maintenance, there would be no disaster. Let me remind us that ” to err is human, to forgive is divine.” 

There’s no disputing the fact that we are bound to make mistakes, but should a slight mistake lead to us to our early grave? I was reading through an article some years bac Mkk when a quote popped up “All countries who wish to embark on the  peaceful use of nuclear programme do so by adopting the International Atomic Energy Milestone Approach (IAEA)”. The question I asked was what about those countries that do not wish to embark on the peaceful use of nuclear program? 

Perhaps, it’s time I bring into cognisance the world historical event. The Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union in 1986, The Fukushima, Daiichi, nuclear disaster in Japan 2011, and The more contained Three Mile Island accident in the United State of America. All these historical occurrences would forever remain green in our memory. As of 2014, more than 100 nuclear accidents have been recorded and hundreds of submarine nuclear accidents were put to paper. How about the ones that were sent into obscurity?  If during the malfunction of a single reactor, there was loss of property with an approximate worth of $7billion, about 4,000 cancer deaths and more than 350,000 people displaced from their homes, how much more the malfunction of the 449 staged reactors, the 58 under construction and the 154 on review? While Optimism may keep us going, realism would one day come into play.

Aside from the customized use of nuclear energy as a source of power, nuclear power could be harnessed to produce nuclear weapons. This sounds well in our stapes, right? These weapons are capable of mass destruction of lives and properties. Let me give us an insight to the top historical event in the history of mankind. During the final stage of World War II, the United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945 respectively with the consent of the United Kingdom as required by the Quebec Agreement with an estimated death of 40,000 people. The Fukushima and Hiroshima disasters are evidence of the threat nuclear power pose to the future.  If the world’s administrators do not sit to have round table discussion about their option on nuclear energy and it’s effects, the dangers ahead are better imagined that experienced.

2 thoughts on “Humanity’s Doom”

  1. The advancements of technology creates more convenience and efficiency, but it also drags along the inevitable passive ( for example, the fear of a likely disaster) and active consequences (for example, AI replacing human labour).


  2. As such, it is of essence man considers the consequences of his actions before diving into them. Else, he would simply bask in euphoria and later bear the burden of a black sheep.


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