Ingenious Advice to the Newbies in Senior Secondary Schools


I want to implore a student about to start his secondary school career that nothing is impossible .In fact, the word impossible means I am possible. Quite a whole lot of students witness setback in their academic prowess because they lack basic morals and principles required to start a  secondary school career. I have summarized everything into C’s and D’s which are discussed below.

The first D is dream. The student should have a dream right from the first day in School .The dream here is an educative imagination of what the student wants to achieve during his stay in secondary school. For example, I want to be the best student in my class or I want to bag a scholarship in my school. The dream helps in building courage in the student. It makes the student to be ambitious and self confident. A student that fails to dream will surely dream to fail.

The next D is determination. After the student must have set a dream, determination follows. Lots of distractions erupt right from the first day in secondary school and these distractions could derail such student if he or she is not determined. For instance, a boy who was from a wealthy family had the dream to become more wealthier than his father but because the boy was not determined, his dream became shattered.

As a third function, dedication comes into play. My definition of dedication simply put means not yielding to tribulations. It has to do with putting both moral and spiritual strength in whatever one does. All available time has to be devoted to one’s education. When other students are playing, keep reading. It pays a lot.

Now to the four skill set of the 21st century. First is communication skill. He or she should learn to relate well with others from different homes irrespective of tribe or religion.

Also, such student should endeavor to be creative. The world has a large room for creative minds. Such students can improve his creative by participating in extra-curricular activities and joining clubs and societies in school.

In addition, such student should be collaborative. This goes a long way in creating a team and breeding teamwork. Effective collaborative skill made me to work effectively with some other students as a team in the Diamond Challenge International Competition and we eventually bagged the third position throughout Nigeria.

A student of such should also have creative thinking. This entails having a distinctive and educative thought about the society. This will go a long way in improving his or her academic and moral prowess. He or she needs to be creative in his thinking in order to have a constructive future.

It is also important for such student to have a careful selection of his or her department. The choice of the student should be based on his dream and academic strength. I also enjoin such student to develop interest in robotics and sciences. This area is fast becoming the light of the world. Above all, he or she should endeavor to participate in community services. This will serve as a means of payback to the community.

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