A team of three young and passionate students have proposed what they believe would make a lasting impact on the menace called climate change.

Jnr Talks- How did you resort to developing the project?
Team MNF- We took our time to get some data and we got to know that a total of 88,886 vehicles were bought between the month of March 2017 and September 2017 with a population of 180 million in Nigeria. This data suggests that Nigeria had about 11,547,238 million motor vehicles owners and 8 million motorcycle riders in the country. Interestingly, more than 80% of these motor vehicles and motorcycles emit smoke which contains green house gases, which are the leading cause of Climate change.

Jnr Talks- How Does the Proposed Project solves the problem ?
Team MNF – Team MNF devised a model to purify this smoke. The device, which is not the first of its kind, would be made to fit into the exhaust pipe of the automobiles.

Jnr Talks- What are the SUPERIOR VALUES of this proposed project to existing alternatives?

Team MNF– Although there are advocacies, awareness, jingles, campaign concerning climate change, but the question is whether they have been as effective as they were presented to be. Its just a matter of time before the road users forget about it. Hence, team MNF devised a PRACTICABLE means of attacking the menace thereby bringing all hands on deck in order to solve this problem of climate change. Let me add, the project not only seeks to bring all hands to deck in this menace, but also aids the recycling. The smoke is converted into soot which is used in various industrial processes. The paint industry can testify to that. The plastics, which is part of the material we used, is one that was collected from dump sites and household bins. If our plastics could serve this purpose, we believe the hues and cries for plastic pollution would drastically be checked.

Jnr Talks- Could you describe a model of the project?
Team MNF-
The social innovation model is a Smoke Purifier which comprises of wire mesh, disposable plastic bottle,aluminium foil, straw and a source of electric current(a battery). The Smoke Purifier has two electrodes. The first electrode is positively charged with the second electrode being negatively charged. The first electrode induces particles of the smoke to become charged as they move to the extreme of the model. On getting to the exit of the device, the positively induced particles become attracted to the negative electrode making the smoke clean when released to the environment. While this process might not be 100% effective, it has proven to be 90-95% neutralizing. The overall process is “Electrophoresis” and the experiment has been performed by previous scientists. It is our hope to build and develop the existing discovery to save humanity from this self afflicted calamity.

Jnr Talks- How do you plan to fund your project?

Team MNF– While we believe the upfront cost might be initially daunting, we remain unfettered by the the running capital. One significant part of the project is that the materials we would be using are locally sourced. We get them from waste sites, domestic bins, road sides and so on. However, to cover any huge cost, we have decided to source for grants from advisers, philanthropist and enablers.
Jnr Talks- Who are the brain behind the box?

Rasaq Amolegbe saw the need to act on the menace and with his growing passion to work with others, he came across Testimony Joseph and Nathanael Benjamin. The three of the had different resources and contributed in different ways but towards achieving a common goal.

Jnr Talks- To what extent does your proposed project solves the problem?
Team MNF– To a large extent. Climate change is a global problem that affects everybody and every community regardless of age, tribe or nationality. While we may feel lackadaisical in this part of this country about climate change, it is actually the “Do-Nothings” that will eventually bear the brunt. This is why we concluded that “Climate Change Anywhere is a Threat Everywhere” Surprisingly, our claim was backed up when a scientist conducted a research about the GHGs. He realized that the gases moved randomly and may not necessarily act in the country or area they were emitted. Do we now see the cause for the reason everyone needs to be involved in the fight?
Our scope at the moments is confined with 10,000 users of automobiles out 11milion users in Nigeria and subsequently we would call for expansion .

Jnr Talks- How severe are the Adverse effects if nothing is done?

Team MNF- Climate change is an adverse environmental phenomenon that is causing enormous concern all over the world. It refers to some anomalies in the climate system that occur as a result of human activities. These anomalies include increase in the concentration of Green House Gases and Chlorofluorocarbons in earth’s atmosphere which will ultimately lead to global warming. In fact, global warming has already begun, as earth’s temperature has risen between 0.4 and 0.8°C in the last 100 years. Nigeria is one of the world’s most densely populated countries with a population of 180 million people, half of which are considered to be in abject poverty. Nigeria is recognized as being vulnerable to climate change. Climate change and global warming if left unchecked will cause adverse effects on crop production, livestock production, fisheries, forestry and post-harvest activities. This is because the rainfall regimes and patterns will be altered. Floods, which devastate farmlands, would occur. There would be surge in temperature and humidity which would in turn increase the presence of pests and diseases. I can continue to go down the list. I am not surprised that majority of the population were only shown images of animals like the dinosaurs, the dodo, and others. Why? The animals have gone into extinction. Well, here is the deal, if we don’t want to show your kids the picture of elephants, whales, tortoise and other endangered species, I beleive we should see no reason to delay in our effort to make a change.

Jnr Talks- Finally, what’s your stand on the UNSDGs?

Team MNF- We believe that one thing that has kept us going is the fact that we are making efforts towards the COP 25 Agreement and the SDG 13. With our little means and dedication to human existence, we feel it would be very heartless of us to sit back while we watch the world perish. Come to think of it, while we are planning to focus on goal 13 (which is Climate Change), we ended realizing that we were working on other goals due to the nature of our project.

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