On July 25, 2019, the 45th President of The United States made a call to the president of Ukraine. The result of the phone call became the foundation of a whistle-blower complaint alleging that Mr. Trump held military aid for Ukraine to pressure President Zelenksy of Ukraine to investigate President Trump’s political rival – Joe Biden.

According to a rough transcript provided by the White House. The summary of the transcript shows Mr. Trump, in reality, asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the conspiracy theory that attacks a Ukrainian company involvement in the 2016 election. Furthermore, he requested an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

At the sight of this, the Democrats decided to make a case for an impeachable offense and the impeachment process began in earnest. At the House of Representatives, different witnesses were called to provide evidence if Mr. Trump had used his presidential power to pressure a foreign country to investigate his political rival. The subject of the evidence calling was whether there was a quid pro quo based on the July 25 call. After calling several witnesses, the House of Representatives as headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi presented two articles of impeachment against Mr. Trump. The two articles of impeachment were approved on Friday 13, 2019. The first article charged the POTUS with Abuse of Power and the second article, with Obstruction of Congress and both, according to the House, was qualified to be considered impeachable offenses.

December 18, 2019, marked an historic day in the timeline of America as the house voted on the evening of the day to impeach Mr. TRUMP based on the evidence provided and the articles of impeachment over his campaign to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival making Mr. Trump the third president in the history of America to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors.

According to Democrats, the day was a solemn one and they saw it as their duty to protect the constitution and hold the President accountable. “ Our founder’s vision of a republic is under threat from actions from the White House,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi “If we do not act now, we would be derelict in our duty. It is tragic that the President’s reckless actions make impeachment necessary. He gave us no choice” she ended.

On the other hand, Republicans argued that the Democrats have been hell-bent on impeaching Mr. Trump since the first time he took office and that they had merely used the Ukraine affair as a convenient scandal to reach that end. According to Representative Chris Stewart of Utah, “This day is about one thing and one thing only: They hate the President. They hate those who voted for him. They think we are stupid. They think we made a mistake”.

On the same day, President Trump took to his Twitter account and made more than 45 tweets defending himself. In one of his tweets, he said: “THIS IS AN ASSAULT ON AMERCA AND AN ASSAULT ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY”.

In all, it went down history that Mr. Trump became the 3rd American President to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

However, for Mr. Trump to be removed from office, the articles of impeachment need to be passed at the Senate. At the Senate, the Democrats requested that new witnesses be called in to deliver a novel and further evidence to support their cause. With this, the Republicans stressed that the Democrats, out of their scramble to remove the President had rushed the whole impeachment process and that there was no need for new witnesses after so many witnesses had been called in at the House of Representatives.

On Jan 31, there was a vote on whether to call in more witness and the vote fell along party lines with 49 Democrats to 51 Republicans. With the results of the votes, there was no room for more witnesses. As expected, the votes gave a prediction on how the votes on whether to remove Mr. Trump from office would go.

After more than 4 months of investigation and trials, February 5 marked an end to the impeachment. The votes on whether to remove Mr. Trump from office after being impeached by the House of Representatives took place at the Senate and as predicted, the tally in favor of conviction fell below the 67-votes threshold. The first charge that accused Mr. Trump of Abuse of power garnered a failing vote of 48 Democrats to 52 Republicans while the second article that accused Mr. Trump of instruction of Congress had 47 votes from Democrats and 53 votes from the Republicans. With the results, Mr. Trump was acquitted by the Senate and he would remain in office despite being impeached by the House of Representatives.

A short drama was seen moments before the votes of the articles of impeachment. At the State of the Union Address that took place earlier before the commencement of the votes for Mr. Trumps removal. President Donald J. Trump gave a speech to the audience and behind Mr. Trump, was Nancy Pelosi, Speaker for the House. She was seen ripping her own copy of the speech made by President Trump into pieces. She said, ““The manifesto of mistruths presented in page after page of the address tonight should be a call to action for everyone who expects truth from the President and policies worthy of his office and the American people,”

In all, what turned out as an impeachment at the House of Representatives was brought to an end with an acquittal by the Senate.


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