A Generation of Media Overstimulation: Has Connection Gotten Better?

Did you know that the average person spends four years of his life looking down at the cell phone?

Technology and the internet have claimed to connect us but rather it’s separating us. Tell an old friend you want to meet face to face and he will send you his Skype I.D. Tell your family you want to have a discussion and they will you tell to fix a date on Zoom.

These iPhones, Ipads, Ipads claim to connect us but with evidence like this before us, I must ask, has connection ever gotten better? Social media platforms that were created to promote friendship are now making us friendless.undefined

We literally measure our self worth by the number of likes we receive on a picture. We evaluate our abilities by the comments given by strangers who have no idea of how unique we are and we base our reality on the sheer assumption made by people who comment on our post. Don’t take my words for it, consider the words of a philanthropist who said, “ I am not who I think I am; I am not who you think I am; I am who I think you think I am”.

And if I wanted to post a picture of my loved ones, who says I have to wait till Wednesday? And if I have to post my old pictures, who says I have to wait till Thursday? And who says I have to be grateful for “Friday” only? Does that mean every other day- Monday-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday- are of no importance?

With the Internet, we are more separate than ever, more lonely than ever and more depressed than ever because while we may claim these emoji and gifs express how we feel at the moment, they are mere simulations and they are way different from how we would have reacted in real-life issues.

However saddening is the way we spread what we hate on social platforms. When we are offended, we stick to those touchscreens and post angry comments? When others see it, they make their quota to your sad state and they repost until it’s well circulated. In that way, we have successfully sent out an unimaginable wave of negative frequencies and just like what happens when we adjust our antenna to bring us a T.V station, we end up receiving the exact frequency of negative thoughts we emitted and what’s more? We end up feeling worse compared to our initial state.undefined

It’s surprising at how these touch screens have made us lose touch with who we are. I mean times we could spend with families and friends buried in folk tales and moonlight stories, we spend them on the Internet traveling from page to page. Times we could be with relatives are spent traveling from status to updates. Let me remind us that time is of the essence and there would be one when your family members won’t remember you for having millions of likes on your posts or thousands of followers on your Instagram handle. No, no. They will remember you for being the aunt of the day, uncle of the week, sibling of the month, father of the year, mother of the century and family of a lifetime.

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, that were developed by critical thinkers have made us clueless thinkers. We now think less, rant more and nag often. We made those touch screens mirrors to our future. When we see a model, we shout wow! I wanna dress like that and when we see a car, what comes to our mind is how we will drive that same car. We’ve lost touch of how we can create our unique life without using the life of a celebrity as a guide.undefined

What’s more? We are fast becoming a generation of media overstimulation where we can not type without abbreviation. A generation where we can’t have a conversation free from gifs exaggeration. Chats have been reduced to snaps and words have been replaced with stickers. We prefer to read a-700 character status that would exist for 24 hours than to read the news that will remain green in our memory. You see, while you may call this civilization, sophistication or exposure, we run the risk of great mental deterioration.undefined

Nevertheless, don’t quote me as saying the internet is of no use. No, no! An anonymous once said, “Technological products are like dummies, it depends on how you use them. If you use them positively, you get a positive result but if you use them negatively, you sure to get the negative results.” Whichever way we plan to use it, it is up to us.

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