• Fun fact: Do you what day of the week you are most likely to die? Take a guess…Saturday? No you are wrong. Sunday? Not really. It’s – drum roll please- Monday. Care to guess what time? It’s –wait for it – 8:00 am. Yes! You heard that right.Because this is the same time and day most people go into jobs they don’t like. Study suggests that an average of 20% of men and 15% of women experience heart attacks during this time. Coincidence? Maybe you’re wrong. Let’s say an average person has a lifetime of 75 years. If you are lucky, you start working early at, say, 20 years and work until 65. undefined

That’s to say most people spend majority of their lifetime WORKING. You see, when you go work for someone. Two things happen to you quite unconsciously. You either adjust to their pace or they adjust to your pace. undefined

Whose pace have you adjusted to? I read an excerpt sometimes back and it says “ if you really love your children, get a business (engage in creative thinking that will give birth to an idea) and not a job because your children can’t inherit your job. In fact, if you die on your job, your boss will replace you before your burial. If your family live in the company’s house, they will kick them out before they can say anything. So when you close from job, don’t go and watch TV; instead, go and think of a business or idea.” It’s quite funny with the way things resonate in life. If you have no plan for your life, others, who have a plan, will use as a tool in making their plan a reality. If you don’t believe in yourself, other people who believe in you will utilize you for their purposes. One of the easiest things you would do in life is to develop a dream or create an idea. However, one of the most difficult things you would experience is believing that you can do it.

  • Death is not what scares most people. undefined

What most people are scared of is getting to the end of life and then realizing that they never truly lived. A survey was conducted on hospital patients very close to death and they were asked to reflect on their life’s biggest regret. So many of them didn’t regret the things they did. No no, rather, they regretted the things they didn’t do. Imagine yourself in many decades to come, very close to your death, and standing right in front of you are the dreams you didn’t pursue. The books you never wrote; the songs you never sang; the invention you never made; the words you didn’t say. Staring at you with big angry eyes saying “We came to YOU and ONLY YOU could have given us life but YOU didn’t. So now, we will have to die with you FOREVER”

What dream do you have in you? What book, what idea do you have in you?
Now, let me ask, If you could do anything in life, what would it be? Take a break and answer the question. So if I may ask, what’s holding you? Money? Space, Time?


I will say fear. So many of us are afraid of fear. So this turns that quite a whole number of us have allowed the fear of failure to outwit our desire for success.
A cliché but true. You can’t hide from fear. It’s everywhere. Fear has kept quite a whole lot of our “ins” in obscurity. You are probably seated there saying “Oh who is he to tell me about fear, what does he know about fear.
Fine, I agree but the event that marked my first public speaking remains green in my memory. I had prepared to the best of my ability until I was told that there were other public speakers and there would be a final selection of the reps. That was where the fear set in. I lost confidence in myself but I summoned courage and went. I was chosen as a second fiddle even though I had prepared. I was so bathed in fear that my true ability became obscure. Well, I passed the first test until I got to the real event. By the time I was called for presentation, all it took to disrupt my system and to bring a bigger fear was a silent utterance from the master of ceremony. He hailed me by uttering the name of my school. At that moment, I felt like entering the ground. I got to the podium, didn’t introduce myself and without recognizing both the judges and the attendees, I proceeded. That was not all. With so many minutes left to deliver my points, I abruptly stopped and left the stage whispering ‘thank you’. You don’t want to know how it ended…

I thought I had overcome the fear during the short selection I encountered prior to the real event. But I was wrong. Fear is everywhere. The moment you start to develop fear of getting what you want, the things you don’t want will automatically set in. Even the fearless are not flawless, so how much more the ones who chick out in every situation? Fear is powerful enough to make one undecided. Many have decided not to decide because of fear. Just so we know, not making a decision is a decision. So not only does fear prevent us from making decisions but has made our true self unknown to the world.

  • Life is a battle field where you fight for territory~ Les Brown.undefined

You see, when you stop fighting for what you want, the things you don’t want automatically set in. When you stop fighting for knowledge, redundancy sets it . When you stop fighting for riches, poverty sets in. When you stop fighting for success, failure sets in. In order not to receive the things we don’t want, we need to fight for the things we want. Life’s a mystery; the things we don’t want come easily, but the ones we actually want are hard to come by. Mind you, easy come, easy go. Just so you know; if you do hard things, you will get to a point where your life will be easy but if you do easy things, just expect the hard and unbearable things ahead. A quick example. Imagine a student who studied really hard to get promoted and a nuisance who had little or no interest in studying rather preferred to engage in wayward activities. At the end of the term when results are being shared, the serious student receives and shares his news of promotion with ease. Mind you, the other student will have difficulty sharing his result with friends let alone the shame therein. Don’t focus on what you don’t want. Instead, fight for the things you want.

  • Develop the habit of OQP (Only Quality People). undefined

Get the toxic, energy draining, negative people out of your life. You need to relate with someone like a mentor. One who can take you to a place within yourself that you can’t go by yourself. No doubt, you can’t read the label when you are in the box. So the people you surround yourself with play a role in how much you go in life. Didn’t they say if you want to go far, go with others? You won’t be surprised with the way you retrogress and even become stagnant when you go with the wrong set of people. Allow yourself not to associate with people who judge your success by their past failures. Never allow others to tell you that you can’t do something especially if they haven’t done it. It’s important. Look at your group of friends and ask yourself. What is this relationship offering me? Am I gaining anything from this association? Friends kill faster than enemies and here goes an African proverb that says ‘if there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm’ Yet, try to balance the trade and ask yourself if you are contributing to the growth of the group. Why? Someone on the other side might be doing the same evaluation as you, so don’t be caught unaware. It’s either you let go or you get dragged. If you want to know the real heroes in capes, don’t judge them by what they do, say or give; Instead, judge them by what they do that they do not have to do, by what they say that they do not have to say and by what they give that they do not have to give.

  • In order to become, tomorrow, the things others won’t become, you’ve got to do ,today, the things others won’t do. You need to leave your comfort zone. undefined

Have a vision for yourself. A vision that’s bigger than what you are. See, while many people have a SIGHT but few actually have a VISION. The beginning of all powerful transformation is developing a powerful mental blueprint with the exact specification of how you want your life to be. Dr. Billy Alsbrook once said “ if you don’t have a vision for yourself, you are more likely to be divorced, more likely to be overweight, more likely to be in open prison, more likely to go bankrupt.” Have you ever wondered why so many people have sights but very few have a vision? Having a vision helps you to leave your comfort zone and to do the things, today, others won’t do in order to become, tomorrow, the things others won’t become. undefined

Having a vision helps you to develop your mindset exploring the realm of unlimited possibilities. What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of friends do you want to keep? How do you want your finances to look like? The people without a vision often end up in confusion especially during hard situations. Everything that has been in existence was once in a state of imagination so everything that will be, most likely have to be products of imagination. Do I need to remind you that you can receive whatever it is you can conceive? A cliché but true. Until people laugh at you because of your vision, you haven’t really envisioned something great. Why? People won’t laugh at you if you plan to do something small. Just so you know that someone else’s opinion about you doesn’t have to become your reality.

  • One way or the other, we know the story of a man by the name Icarus who was warned not to fly too high or the sun would melt his feathers. But because of his arrogance, he refused, flew very high, fell to the ground and died. But that was not all, he was also warned not to fly too low. undefined

You see, it’s good not to be too arrogant but that does not necessarily mean we should be too crude, too shy, too humble or too timid. One surprising thing about life is not that too many people aim too high and miss, but that too many people aim too low and hit. What you are going through doesn’t have to determine how great you wanna become. Life is hard! I know. Life is difficult! But then, I know it. Now, despite all the difficult times life is pushing to you, how do you plan to revenge? undefined

You can imagine having gone through so many difficulties only to get to the end and become restful. No! You’ve gotta revenge on life. Yes! You heard me right. You’ve got to revenge. Someone is probably reading this and asking how can I revenge on life. But before I tell you, consider this. Imagine yourself on an empty stomach for the whole 24 hours (just an imagination though) and through out the last hours, you were subjected to rigorous activities. Suddenly, someone walks up to you and gives you a heavy damn punch on your belly. Let me guess, the intensity of your revenge will depend on how heavy the punch was on you. Back to life; you may not need to revenge so much if life has been a bed of roses to you but if you’ve had to go through extenuating circumstances in previous years then the biggest revenge you can have on life is MASSIVE SUCCESS.undefined

I will leave you with a favorite quote from a favorite mentor. It goes thus:
If you want something bad enough to go out and fight for it, to work day and night for it, to give up your time, sleep and peace for it. If all that you dream and scheme is about it and life seems useless and worthless without it. If you gladly sweat, fret and work for it and lose all your terror of the opposition for it. If you can go after that thing with all your capacity: strength and sagacity. Faith, hope, confidence and tenacity. If neither poverty, pain or sickness can keep you away from it. Dogged in your dream and vision, you beseech and beseech it. With the help of God, you can get it”



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