Letter To My Dying Country.

The country is coming to an end! Intelligences are shunned! Ignorance is rewarded. We can’t live in peace and harmony anymore. Politicians lie! Racism is still an issue! Terrorism is on the rise! Oppression is a norm. Safety is abused! Heath is unrefined! Wealth at the expense of the minority isn’t considered horrible! Hospitals are now a shadow of what they used to be. Schools have outlived their usage. We no longer have a government but a bunch of kleptos.

The country is now a shadow of what it used to be! The pride is no longer of the continent but of corruption, oppression and marginalization. The poor are only regarded during polls times. Corruption has given the leaders everything they want and has taken everything the followers want. Leaders now place the rule of gold above the golden rule, greed above need, money above mercy, vote above voice. The country is still under colonization but just under a new master.

Ladies and gentlemen of the public, an average person no longer sleep with comfort. In a country where there are statistically about 370,000 police officers with more than 1,300 police stations, day-light robbery is nothing to the leaders. Killings and rapes pose no harm to the public according to the armed forces. No records of hoodlums activities is record as long as the head of the forces says so. Lives lost on a daily basis calls for no concern from the so called protection agencies.

Terrorism is a sure cut-way to study abroad. The “National Assembly” seeks to pass a bill that grants repentant terrorists a full ride ticket for study overseas. Yet, the sons and daughters of the victims live in horrible and overcrowded refugee camps. The same government that cannot provide adequate safety, lifetime insurance and improved standard of living to victims of attacks, considers it appropriate to grant amnesty to repentant terrorists that massacred the families of the refugees and made them homeless. How do we explain the passage of the bill to the parents of the abducted victims who cannot stop longing for the arrival of their bloodlines? How should the families of the lost heroes perceive such embarrassing rehabilitation and reintegration of the terrorists who took their joy and left them wallowing in the ocean of sadness? It is most embarrassing, annoying and dismaying that while the government boldly utter such statements as “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”, They -shamelessly, in the numbness- not only negotiate with terrorists but also, grant them amnesty, place them above the victims and celebrate their terrorism. The armed forces now, rather than protect the citizens, oppress , rob them of their fundamental human rights and release horrific weaponry on them all in the name of patriotism. If I may ask you reading this behind the screen. Aren’t there obvious distinctions between patriotism enforced slavery?

Most officials often let go of the fact that they were once civilians and would return to being civilians once their services are over. Where the terrorist get their sponsors overwhelm my intuition. I am often left gob smacked by the availability of deadly weaponry to bandits. An average firearm cost more than the minimum wage in the country. Yet the terrorists gallivant the nation, disrupting the peace of the citizens. Not only that, the government, on a yearly basis, dedicates a substantial amount of money to fighting terrorism. However, rather for a decline in attacks, what is seen are more obvious incidences of rape, robbery, kidnapping, bombings and all.

Quite surprising, annoying and shaming that the trusted leaders of the respective armed forces summon the audacity to deny allegations of terrorist attacks even with evidences staring at them. Officers on duty have relinquished their promises to protect the lives of citizenry since the day they left the training grounds. They have traded greed for human lives, mints for service. Bribes have become a norm among the forces. Even when a pandemic is ongoing and people are advised to practice proper hygiene while engaging in social distancing, the forces still request bribes. All you need to bypass the law is not up to the highest denomination in the country. No matter what, a bribe is a bribe. During this period of uncertainty, bribes are now rampant as officers request cash to sanitize their hands. What a pity!

Quite unfortunate! The works of the heroes have been overshadowed by the misdeeds of the villains, traitors and outdated “officers of the law”. Day after day, hunger comes with the rising of the sun and terrorist attacks knock as the sun sets. Despite the availability of several thousands of officers recruited yearly, the citizens cannot take a nap over the hours of recommended sleep.

In a country where an average person survive on less than $365 USD annually, the leaders not only live in absolute luxury but at the expense of the ones who elected them. It’s okay to start to examine whether they are there to serve us or we are here to serve them. The annual salary of an average member of the Senate can feed more than 1000 people in the population living by the minimum wage. How much more the combine monthly salary of about the 400 members? As citizens raise their hues and cries over the closure of the borders, our “leaders” have no shame in spending billions to import newly made vehicles. Yet the locally made vehicles are paraded as not “exotic enough” it’s then obvious that the ostentatious lifestyle of the leaders have blindfolded not only their eyesight but their brain sight and mindsight. No remorse is felt for the citizens who can hardly earn an equivalent of the cost of a damaged part of the politicians’ vehicles.

Annually, trillions of naira are presented in the budget with little or no result to show for the spending. Year in year out, the educational sector gets on the list of the top sectors getting substantial portion in the budget. But the schools and buildings that once produced heroes are now shadows of their past glory.

Curriculums are made by policy makers, most of whom have never visited the class in their lives. Classes are taught using 20th century methods. Examinations have now become mere repetition and modifications of past questions. Examination malpractice begets educational malpractice. Examination malpractice has become the order of the day. A cankerworm that should be eradicated with stringent policies is celebrated yearly. A great clog in the wheel of the nation is seen as a norm amongst the masses. All you need is your money. The certificates no longer represent education but mere schooling. No wonder the certificates are no more valuable than the pieces of paper on which they are printed. You don’t need nuclear bombs to destroy a country, all you need to do is to make the educational system redundant.

Most professions can boast but they were all taught by teachers. Due to the lackluster system of education, teachers now take their service with levity. While a doctor can get to the heart of a child to perform a surgery, a teacher can reach the heart of a student without surgical instruments, perform life changing surgeries and leave a lifelong legacy in the heart of such student. But what? Teachers are now overworked and underpaid, so no wonder many students are short-hanged. The staffrooms of teachers have been converted to mini-markets. Teachers are often scared of going to classes because of the overwhelming, choking, and innocent students. Excessive heat in overcrowded classes have led to instances of death chokes on students and teachers and cases of heat-related diseases have become prevalent in temperate areas.

How do we face the students to explain to them that there’s an educational budget? How do we explain to the teachers that not only does the federal government propose a budget for education at the beginning of the year, but the state government has a ministry of education that receives an allocation for education? Do we blame the striking workers or the faulty system of governance? While we may claim we are in the 21st century, it’s obvious that we are not only mentally behind but educationally, innovatively, and critically uninformed. For how long will the Whites act in supremacy on us? The answer is for as long as we are behind and reluctant to progress. The only way the government will act on the cries of the teachers is strike. What a pity!

The medical sector is now a complete shadow of what it used to be. While there’s a budget allocation for the health sector, all that remains are cramped 20th century medical instruments. Thanks to private health sectors. Those who don’t even know their way to the airports, not to mention board a plane to receive health care overseas, would have died even though they pay their taxes. The total number of deaths and births cannot be ascertained. Highly ranked medical hospitals in previous times are now caricatures of what they used to be. Once upon a time, foreigners visited the medical facilities in the country. But now, reverse is the case. The situation can be compared to the case of a runner who grabbed the baton from another athlete and began to run with great speed but in the backward direction. You wanna blame the health workers? A country with more than 9 million doctors yet battles with several diseases that ‘ve become forgotten in other countries. Health, they say, is wealth. But to the rich ones, wealth is health. Glad a current pandemic is shaming that belief.
Now, I wanna ask a-million-dollar question. Who should be blame?

The leaders or the followers? The government or the citizens? Head of States or the states’ head? Now before you answer those questions. Here’s a one kobo question. Who is the leader and who is the follower? Let’s be guided that every leader out there was once a mere citizen. He or she was chosen by the followers, elected by the citizens, not tested but trusted by the people, not certified to lead but credited by the public. Democracy isn’t a government by the leaders but rather by the people. Majority of these problems are caused by us, symptoms of us, and by-products of us.
A cliché but true. Our apathetic nature, not paying attention to major issues, social media protests which end the next day, and lots more have made a contribution to the sorry state of the country.

We should not be too quick to proclaim ourselves saints. When at parties, we are used to collecting three packs of souvenirs under the pretense of having non-existent neighbors beside us. When we visit an office and sight free candles but instead of picking just one or two, we fill our purses to the brim. We careless about who comes next visiting same place.

How about at a typical serve-yourself party, we want a taste of everything in large portions. Even though we are not obliged to eat so much, our greed will not let us leave for others coming behind. How about the fast food restaurants that place profit above safety, wealth above health of the customers? The kiosks that prefer to use rotten pepper to prepare foods yet sell such foods at high prices. The engineer that received adequate funding for a contract yet used low-quality materials to erect buildings that eventually led to the death of occupants. What about the electrician? Yes, the one that requests substantial money for the wiring of a house yet purchases low quality materials that end up damaging home appliances.

Do I need to remind the tenants? I mean the house agent that keeps a great amount of money under the label of agreement and commission. What about the car-repair workers that charge car owners for a part of the vehicle that only needs cleansing? Or the purchase of an obsolete car-part under the deception of a newly purchased model? What about the bus-conductors that hike the transport fare simply because the bus stop is overcrowded?

What about the filling stations that hike the price of petrol during hard times? What about the medical firms that raise the cost of drugs just because people are craving for the drug? What about the employee that takes lavish vacation at the expense of his employer under the pretense of a business trip? The one who sells a product under the no- testing label. If you end up with a quality product, fine. If otherwise, hard luck. The taxi-driver carrying excessive number of passengers yet hikes the cost simply because there’s a natural phenomenon, like rain. The young man in the queue that, at the same time, stands for other virtual 6 individuals. The list is pretty endless. We all need to examine ourselves if we are to bring the country back to its feet.

It’s imperative that we review our embodiments and not forget the ideals of our founding fathers. The ones who fought valiantly for liberation from the colonization of the masters left a legacy for humanity. How do we want to leave the country? A question that should be answered by every citizen.

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